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Printed by MacLean, Roger & Co., Wellington Street, Ottawa.

47 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884





Accidents on Canadian Railways 35

Accidents on I.C.R 53c

•"Adeline," Seizure of tobacco from 716

Adulteration of Food 3

Agreement with British Columbia 15

Agricultural implements, Duties on 33

Agricultural Interests, Expenses of Com-

mitteeon. 36a

Agricultural lands 256, m # n

Agricultural Statistics, Manitoba and N.W.T 36c

Agriculture 36 to 36c

Agriculture, Annual Report 14

Amero, Roger, Arrest of, &c 112

Amherstburg Post Odice and Custom House 83^,935

Annapolis & Digby R'y., Subsidy to 21/

Antigonish Public Building 9>

Appointments, Civil Service 33a

Appropriation Accounts 6

Arbitrators, Dominion 57 to 59, 83, 130

Archives, Report on Historical 14

Atlantic & North Western Railway. 3 1 A, 31&-4, 3ln

Audet, Alphonse, Appointment of 1<!7

Auditor-General s Report 6


Baie des Chaleurs. Caraquet & Shippigan

Railway, Subsidy to 21/

Banks, shareholders of 32

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 87

Batterie3,A, B and 0, No. of men comprising 1085

Blaikie, J. M., Claim of, against I. J.R 53#

Bond, Grinding in 73

Bonds and Securities 34

Boundary Award, Ontario and Manitoba... 145

Bounty on manufactured iron 75

Bounty to fishermen 66

Bow River, Timber limits sold on and near. 251

Brazil, Reciprocal Trade with 67

Breakwater, Indian Harbour, N.S 74

Breakwater, Ingonish , P6

Breakwater, Point Escuminac, N.B 96a

Breakwater, St. Peter's Harbour, P.E.I 965

"Britannia," Loss of 133

British Canadian Loan and Investment Co. 55

British Columbia Agreement ..... 15

British Columbia, Dominion employes in.. .15a, 155

British Columbia, Troubles with Indiana in 79a British Columbia waters, H.M. Ships of

war in 97

Burials, Baptisms and Marriages 87

Burland & Co., G.B 138


C No

Calgary, Supply Farm No. 20, near 82

Callander, Railway from Gravenhurst to... 21c

Canada, G.T R. decrying credit of. 116

Canada, Life Saving Stations in 146

Canada Temperance Act in Halton County. 30 & 30c Canada Temperance Actin Prince Co., P. E.I. ZOd

Canadian Loans ;.. 39, 39a

Canadian North- West Land Company. 31 &-4, & 3ln

Canadian Pacific Railway 31, 3155, 116a

Canadian Pacific Railway, guarantee by

Government 31, 31c, 31i

Canadian Pacific Railway, Map of, &c 3lp

Canadian Pacific Railway, shareholders ... 31a

Canals 3,115,153

Canal Statistics 3

Cape Traverse, Winter crossing at 126

Cape Tormentine, Winter crossing at 126a

Caron, C, Fishery Overseer 132a

Cavalry School, Number of men comprising 108

Census and Statistics 415

Chabot, Charles, Petition cf 57

Chabot, Louis, Petition of.., 58

Chapleau, S. J. St. O 103

Civil Service appointments and promotions 33a,47

Civil Service employes 33

Civil Service Examiners' Report 335

Coal carried by Intercolonial Railway 645

Coal, Duty on , 61

Coal exported 64a

Coal Lands in N.W.T 25/)

Coal (Nova Scotia) exported to U.S 64

Coal Oil Barrels, Seizure of 71a

Colonization, Land for.. 25/ & 25k

Commissioners, &c, Expenses of. 22 & 22a

Commission, Intercolonial Railway. ..53/, h, m $ n

Commission of the Governor General.. 77a

Commissions of the Lieutenant-Governors

of Quebec 77 & 775

Consolidation Dominion Statutes, Report on 38a

Corn, imported and exported 63

Cornmeal, imported and exported «... 63

Cornwall Canal. 153

Cotton Duck, Drawback on 48i

County Gaols, Cost of conveying prisoners 24

Courts, Vice-Admiralty,. 26 k 26a

Credit ot Canada decried by G.T.R 116

Credit Valley Railway 31A

Criminal Statistics for 1882 14

Custom Houses 93 to 93c

Customs Duties (U.S.) on hay from Canada 69a Customs laws, and regulations concerning

distilling 69

41 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884


Damour, D., Dismissal of 44

Deposits in the Banks of Dominion Money . 28 Derby Station to Indian Town, Intercolonial

Railway Branch, Subsidy to 21/

Deserters from U. S. Army 78

Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor, X.W.T.... 109

Distillers, United States Xational Assoc'n . 69 Distilling, Customs Laws and Regulations

concerning... 69

Dominion Arbitrators 57 to 59, 83, 130

Dominion Government, Lithographing for. 133

Dominion Lands 25 to 25w

Dominion Money on deposit 28

Dominion Money spent in the Provinces.... 152

Dominion Statutes ., 38

Dominion Steamers 45 to 45c

Dorion, E., Claim of 83

Draining of land in Mauitoba Ill

Drawback, cotton duck 48i

Drawback, exported sugar 48 & 48c

Drawback, manufactured goods exported... 486

Drawback, shipbuilding materials 48a & 48i

Drill Shed, Montreal 88a

Drill Shed, St. Thomas, Ont, 88

Drammond, and MacLean, Roger & Co 136

Duck Islands, etc 52

DufTerin Bridge, Ottawa 37

Dumais, Skifiington versus Michaud 129

Dumping Scows, bought or built in 1833

for Government - 142

Dustan, Mr., Claim of. 49 & 49a

Duties on Agricultural Implements 36

Duties on Lumber imported into Manitoba,

from 1880 to 1882 61a

Duties, Specific and ad valorem 36

Duty collected on Wheat and Flour im- ported from U.S 616

Duty on Freight charges 68

Duty on Grain, Flour and Coal 61


Eastern Extension Railway (X.B.) 5 V

Eastern Extension Railway (N.S.) 53 & 53a

East Point, P.E.I., proposed Signal Station 91

Electoral Divisions of Manitoba 80

Ellsworth, Arrest of, by D. S. soldiers 78

Employes in Military Districts 23

Employes in Public Works Department .... 149

Erie and Huron Railway, Subsidy to 21 f

Erie, proposed Harbor of Refuge on Lake ... 128

Escheated Lands 117, 117a

Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway 81

Esquimalt Graving Dock 98

Esquimalt Naval Station 97

Essex County, proposed Harbor on Lake

Brie, in 128a

Estimates, 1884-85 2

Estimates, Supplementary, 1883-84 2

Estimates, Supplementary, 1884-85 „...- ... 2

Estimates, Further Supplementary, 1884-85 2

Examination of Mates 7

Exchange Bank of Canada 40

Expenditure for Sessional Returns 42

Expenses and Revenue, I.C.Ii 536

Expenses of Commissioners, etc 22 & 22a

Expenses of Committee on Agricultural In- terests 36a

i8es, Unforeseen is

Exports and Imports for January and Feb- ruary, 188:: and 1884 295

ttd Imports, kit half 1882 & 1833.. 46

F No.

Factory Bill, proposed 86

'Finance, Mission of Minister of, to England 39a

Fines and Seizures at Ports of Entry 71, 71a

; Fines exacted and how disposed of 71

IFire Insurance, Abstract for 1883. 11

•Fish Creek, Supply Farm Xo. 20 82

(Fisheries 65 to 666 & 67a

i Fisheries and Marine, Annual Report 7

fisheries, Commissioner's Report 7

JFisherinen, Bounty to 66

| Fishery, Porpoise^ Riviere Ouelle 65

Fishing Bounty 66

Fishing, Regulations prohibiting, in Ontario 66a

Flour, Duty on 61

Flour exported, Frauds on bonded 60

Flour imported and exported 63

Flour imported from U.S., duty collected on 616

Food, Adulteration of 3

Fort McLeod, Town site 120

Fort Osborne, Lease of land at 25i

Fort Simpson, Troubles with Indians at... 79a

Fort William Indian Reserve 506

Frauds on bonded Wheat or Flour exported. 60

Eraser & Co., D., Claim of, against LC.R. . 53ra Free Passes, I. C. & P. E. I Railways,

from 1874 to 1883 53o, 53/?

Freight Charges, Duty on 68

Gait, Sir A T , High Commissioner 76 to 76e

Gosselin, E., Petition of , 59

Government Herd Cattle in N. W.T 154

Government Steam Tugs, etc 142

Governor General, Commission appointing 77a Governor General and Staff, Expenses of... 150

Governor General's Warrants 20

Governors. Oatha taken by 77 & 77a

Grain, Duty on 61

Grand Piles to Las des lies Railwa)-, Sub- sidy to 21/

G.T.R. Co., Credit of Canada decried by. 116 Gravenhurst to Callander, Railway from... 21e

Graving Dock at Esquimalt 98

Great Western Railway Co , Port Stanley 94

Grinding in Bond 73

Guarantee to C.P.R. by Government.. 31, 31c, Z\i Guarantee Insurance 11


Halton Counly, Canada Temperance Act

in 30 & 30c

Hamilton and North Western Railway 31A

Harbour of Refuge on Luke Erie, proposed. 128 Hay imported into U.S. from Canada,

Customs duties on 69a

Health Officers, Public 113

Heating Public Buildings, Cost of - 92

Herd Cattle (Government) in N. W.T 154

Herring, Inspection of Newfoundland 54

Hicks, E., Claim of, against I.C.R 53«

High Commissioner 76 to 76e

Historical Archives, Report on 14

H.M. Ships of War, British Columbia Coast 97

Hodge w. The Queen 30^

Home and Indian Farms 51

Hopewell to Alma, Subsidy to railway from 21/

House of Commons, Officers of 33

Hudson Bay Navigation 84

Hughes, D. J., Judge, Conduct of 139

Huron, Shipping on Lake... , 141

Huron, Water Lots in Harbours of Lake.... 114

47 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884

I No.

Immigrants settled in Ontario 106 & 1066

Immigration Agents 106a

Immigration to Canada, Reports, etc.,

on 76c & 16e & 1066

Immigration to Manitoba and N.W.T... 31s & 1066 Imports and Exports for January and Feb- ruary, 1883 aud 1884 296

Imports and Exports, last half 1882 & 1883. 46

Indenture to Printing Contract , 136

Indian Affairs, Annual Report 4

Indian Agencies in Ontario 79

Indian Harbour (N.S.) Breakwater 74

Indian Instruction Farms 51

Indian Lands, Out, Timber Licenses on.... 50

Indian Reserve at Fort William 506

Indians at Metlakatla and Fort Simpson,

Troubles with 793

Infantry School, No. of men comprising.... 1086

Ingonish, Breakwater at 96

Inland Marine Insurance, Abstract for 1883 1 1

Inland Revenue, Annual Report 3

Insurance 11

Insurance, Report of Superintendent 11

Intercolonial Railway 53 to 53/), 21c, 21/

Intercolonial Railway, Claims against 53n

Intercolonial Railway Commission.. 53/, h,m & n Interior, Department of, Annual Report.... 12

Intoxicating Liquors 30 to 30/

Inverness County, Geology of 135

Iron, Bounty on manufactured 75

Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa Railway, Subsidy to - 21/


Jacques Cartier Union and St. Martin's Junctions, Railway and Bridge, Subsidy

to 21/

Jacque3, James H., Appointment of 47, 47a

Jemseg, Queen's, N.B., Dredging at S9

Johnson & Co., And., Claim of, against

I. C. R 53«

Jones & Co , E. A.. Claim of, against I.C.R 53a

Judicial Salaries, Re-adjustment of 118


Kaministiquia and Prince Arthur's Land- ing Railway Sir- Kearney, Chas., Appointment of...., 47 & 47a

Keewatin, Public Lands surveyed in 25/

Kingston & Pembroke Railway, Subsidy to 21/

Kingsville Harbour Works 110

Lachine Canal, Wellington Bridge 115

La Cloche Island, etc 52

Lake Ontario, Islands leased in 72

Lands, Dominion 25 to 25w

Lands, Escheated 117, 117a

Lands for Colonization 25.?' & 25 k

Lands, Indian, Ont, Timber Licenses on.. 50

Lands in Mile Belt 25a § 25s

Lands in N.W.T., simplification of trans- fer of 25c

Laurentian Railway 3U--1& Z\n

Lavalliere Bay, Explorations near 121

Laval University 122

Leclerc, M., Claim of 83

Le Courier de St. Hyacinth^ Printing by.. 43 Library of Parliament, Annual Keport.... 17 Lieut. -Governor of Quebec, Oath taken by 77


1^ No.

Lieut. -Governors, Quebec, Commissions of 776

Life Saving Crew at Port Rowan 123

Life Saving Stations of Canada 146

Lighthouses 27 & 27a

Liquor imported into N.W.T 306

Liquors, Intoxicating 30 to 30/

Lithographing for the Dominion Govern- ment 138

Loan of $4,000,000, Canadian 39

London and Port Stanley Railway Co... 91 London West, Village of, Survey in the

river 143

Long Point Lighthouse 27a

Luard, Major-General, Complaints against 108d $e Lumber imported into Manitoba, Duties on,

from 1880 to 1832 61a


Manitoba Agricultural Statistics 36c

Manitoba, Draiuing of land in Ill

Manitoba Electoral Divisions 80

Manitoba, Extension of Boundaries, etc.... 2Ii

Manitoba, Immigration to. 31s

vlanitoba, Public Lands surveyed in 25/

Manitoba, sales of Dominion Lands in 25i

Manning, McDonald & Co., 2 letters from. 3L66

Marine and Fisheries, Annual Report 7

Marine (Inland) Insurance, Abstract for

1883 11

Marriages, Baptisms and Burials 87

Matte, A., Claim of, against I. C. R 53rc

Measures and Weights 3

Mercer vs The Queen 117 & 117a

Metapediac to Paspebiac, Subsidy to a

Railway from 21/

Meteorological Service at St. John, N.B... 143

Metlakatla, Troubles with Indians at 79a

Mexico, Reciprocal Trade with 67

Michaud and Dumais, Skiffington vs 129

Mile Belt, Lands in 25 1 $ 25s

Military Districts, Employes in 23

Militia 108 to 108 e

Militia, Annual Report 8

Militia Staff, Officers of the paid 33

Mineral Lands 256, m, 147

Mineral Lands, Regulations for disposal of 147 Mining Regulations for disposal of other

than Coal Lands 147

Miramichi Valley Railway, Subsidy to 21/

Moccasins for the Militia 108.*

Montreal Drill Shed 88a

Montreal, Portland aud Boston Railway... 31A Montreal, St. John, Halifax to Sydney,

Subsidy to a Railway from 21/

Moose Jaw Town Reserve 25v

Mortuary Statistics for first half of 1883. ... 14

Murphy, M., Claim of, against I. C. R... 53.? Murray Bay and Riviere Ouelle, Winter

service between 45<?


Macdonald, DM Claim of, against I. C. R... 53a

MacLean, Roger & Co., Drummond and... 136 McBean and Robinson, Claim of, against

. C. R 53n

McCourt, D., dismissal of , 101

McDonell & Co., Alex., Claim of, against

I. C. R 53»

McGillivray, Archibald 6i

McGreevy, R. H., Claim of, against I.C.R. 53n

McLennan, R., Claim of 85

4*7 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884

S No.

Nanaimo Railway, Esquiuaalt and , 81

Napanee & Tamworth Railway, Subsidy to 21/

"Napoleon III.", S.S 455

Naval Station at Esquimalt 97

Navigation and Trade, Annual Report 1

Navigation of Hudson Bay 84

Navigation, School of, at Quebec. 89

Neilson & McGaw, Claim of, against I.C.R. 53rc

New Brunswick Subsidy 21

Newfoundland Herring, Inspection of. 54

North American Contracting Company—

3la-l, 3U-3, 31o

North Cape, P.E. I., proposed signal station 91

11 Northern Light," S.S 456, 126a

Northern Pacific Junction Railway Com- pany's Contract 2lff

Northern Railway Mortgage held by

Dominion 21c

North Shore Railway, Sale of W. Section

to C.P.R 116a

North- West Mounted Police ...... 125

North-West Territories, Administration of 102 N.-W. Territories, Agricultural Statistics. 36c North- West Territories, Dewdney, Lieuten- ant-Governor of 109

North-West Territories, Government Herd

Cattle in 154

North-West Territories, Immigration to . ... 31s North-West Territories, Ordinances relat- ing to 90

North-West Territories, Public Lands sur- veyed in 25/

North- West Territories, sales of Dominion

Lands 25 i

North-West Territories, Sheriff of 103

North-West Territories, Town Reserves in,

on line of C.P.R 25»

Nova Scotia Coal exported to U. S. 64

Nova Scotia, Railways in 53 & 53a

Nova Scotia Rivers, Reports on 134

Oaths taken by Governors 77 to 776

O'Brien, J., builder of " Princess Louise" 45a

Ontariojn account with Canada 56

Ontario' Boundary Award 145

Ontario, Immigrants settled in ....106 & 1066

Ontario, Indian Agencies in 79

Ontario, Lake, Islands leased in 72

Ontario & Pacific Railway, Sudsidy to 21/

Ontario & Quebec Railway 31A

Ontario, Regulations prohibiting fishing in 66a

Ordinances relating to N. W.T 90

Ordnance Lands at Sorel 25A & 104

Osborne, Fort, Lease of land at 25o*

Ottawa & Gatineau Valley Railway, Sub- sidy to 21/

Pajot Farm. Claim of Wyandottes on 153

.Parliamentary Grounds, "Ottawa, Wall iu

front ot 151

Parliamentary Library, Annual Report 17

Pasture Land Leases 2ow

Pasture Lands 256, m <j* n

Pclee Island Lighthouse 27a

Penitentiaries, Annutl Report 16

Penitentiaries, Cost of conveying prisoners 24

Persons confined after sentence in 1882 137

Pictou Branch Railway, N.S 53 & 53a

Point Escuminac, Breakwater at 96a


P No.

Pontiac Pacific June. R., Subsidy to 21/

Porpoise Fishery, Riviere Ouelle 65

Port Burwell, proposed Harbour of Refuge 128

Port Rowan Life Saving Crew 123

Port Stanley Harbour 9t

Port Stanley, proposed Harbour of Refuge 128

Postal Subsidies, C.P.R 31*

Postmaster-General, Annual Report 5

Post Offices 93 to 93c

Prince Arthur's Landing & Kaininistiquia

Railway 31r

Prince County, P.E. I., Canada Temper- ance Act in 30c?

Prince Edward Island, Piers in 126

Prince Edward Island Railway, Free

passes on, from 1874 to 1883 53o, 53p

"Prince of Wales," SS , 456

"Princess Louise," S.S 45, 45a, 45c, & 45a"

Printing Contract, Indenture to 13S

Prisoners, Cost of conveying to Peniten- tiaries 24

Promotions, Civil Service 33a

Public Accounts, 1882-&3 2

Public Building, Antigonish 95

Public Buildings, Co3t of heating 9 1

Public Health Officers 113

Public Lands 25 to 2bw

Public Works, Annual Report 9

Public Works Department, Employes in ... 149

Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Co 25«

Quebec in account with Canada 56

Quebec Central Ry., right'of way on I.C. R 53i

Quebec Citadel, Governor's residence in... 150

Quebec, Memo, respecting claims of 21/

Quebec Provincial Subsidy 70

Quebec School of Navigation 89

Queen vs. Hodge 30c

Queen vs. Mercer 117 & 117a

Queen vs. Russell 30*

Railway Accidents in Canada 35, 53c

Railway, Canadian Pacific 31 to 3166

Railway, Intercolonial, Accidents on 53c

Railway Reserve, Vancouver Island 105

Railways, Accidents on Canadian 35 & 53c

Railways and Canals, Annual Report 10

Railways in Nova Scotia 53 & 53a

Railways, Subsidies to 21a, 216 & 21/

Rapide du Plat Canal 153

Receipts and Expenditure charged to Con- solidated Fund 29 to 296

Regina Town Reserve 25y

Reserve, Indian, at Fort William 506

Reserve, Vancouver Island Railway 105

Reserves, Indian, Ont , Timber Limits on . 50 Reserves, Town, in N.W.T. on line of C.P R. 25y

Revenue and Expenses, I.C.R 536

Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co 104

Richmond County, Geology of 135

Rideau Hall and Grounds 150

Riviere Ouelle and Murray Bay, Winter

service between 45c

Riviere Ouelle, Porpoise PMshery 65

Robertson, John, Claim of. 119

Rondeau Lighthouse 27a

Royal Society Proceedings, Publishing the. 43

Russell, J., Claim of, against I.C.R 53»

Russell vs. The Queen 30«

47 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884





lanes, Judicial, Re-adjustment of 118

almon Fishing Licenses from Murray Bay to River au Canard

66 6 13

..3iy, 3i?


Secretary of State, Annual Report

Section B. , C.P.R

Seizures at Ports of Entry

Senate, Officers of 33

Sessional Returns, Expenditure for 42

Signal Stations proposed at North Cape

and East Point 91

Shareholders in C.P.R 31m

Shipping on Lakes Superior and Huron .... 141

Skiffington vs. Michaud and Dumais 129

Smith & Pitblado, Claim of, against I.C.R. 53»

Sorel Barracks and land attached 101

Sorel Seigniory, Ordnance Lands 25/t

South Eastern Railway 31A, 31&-4, 3ln

Starr & DeWolf, Claim of, against I.C.R... 53n

Statistics and Census 41

Statistics, Criminal, for 1882. 14

Steamboat Inspection 7

Steam Dredges bought or built for Govern-

ment in 1883 142

Steam Tugs bought or built for Government

in 1883 142

St. Andre, Kamouraska, Surveys at 124a

St. Andrews and Lachute R'y., Subsidy to 21/

St. Anne, Kamouraska, Surveys at 124a

St. Charles Branch, I.C.R 53*

St. Croix Cotton Faptory 140 & 140a

St. Francis River, Explorations on 131

St. Jean Port Joli, Wharf at 124

St. John, N.B. , Meteorological Service at. . 143 St. Lawrence below Quebec, Lights on. 107 & 107a

St. Lawrence Canals, Sections 4 and 10.... 153

St. Lawrence & Ottawa Railway 31A, 3li>

St. Lawrence River, Islands leased in 72

"St. Lawrence," S.S 456

St. Lin Branch Railway 31/c-4 & 31n

St. Louis to Richibucto R y., Subsidy to .. 21/ St. Martin's and J. C. U. Junctions, Rail- way and Bridge between, Subsidy to.

St. Peter's Harbour, P.E.I., Breakwater at St. Stephens, N.B. , cotton factory



140, 140a

St. Thomas Custom Hou3e and Post Office. 93c

St. Thomas Drill Shed 88

Subsidy to New Brunswick 2i

Subsidy to Quebec , 70

Subsidies to O. P. R., Postal 31/

Subsidies to certain Railways 21/

Subsidies to certain Railways, Amount paid

on account of 21a & 216

Sugar exported, Drawback on 48 & 48s

Superannuation 19 to ldo

Superior, Shipping on Lake 141

Superior, Water lots in harbours of Lake... 114

Supply Farm No. 20 82

Swan Creek, N.B 100


Temperance Act (Canada) in Ralton Co. 30 & 30c Temperance Act (Canada) in Prince Co.,

P.E.I 30a"

Tents for the Militia . 108

Thames River, Surveys of, at London We3t 148 Timber Lands 256, m, n

T No.

Timber Licenses 50, 506 <f- 50c

Timber Licenses, Indian Lands, Ont 50 & 506

Timber Limits sold on and near Bow River 252 Tobacco, Seizure of, from the "Adeline". 716

Toronto, Grey and Bruce Railway 31A

Town Reserves in N. W.T. on line of C.P.R. 25w

Town Site, Fort McLeod 120

Town Sites 256, m#n

Trade and Navigation, Annual Report 1

Trade between Canada, W. Indies, Brazil

and Mexico 67

Transfer of Lands in N.W.T., Simplifica- tion ot 25c

Tupper, Sir Charles, High Commissioner. 76 to 76c Turgeon, F., Claim of, against I.C.R 53ra

Unforeseen Expenses 18

Union Jacque3 Cartier Railway 25/, 311

United States Army, Deserters from 78

United States National Distillers' Assoc'n. 69 Upper Woods Harbour, N.S., Wharf and Bridge at 1216

Vancouver Island Railway Reserve 105

Vice- Admiralty Courts «. 26 & 26a

Victoria County, Geology of 135

Wallace, Claim of 119

Warrants, Governor-General's 20

Washiagton Treaty, Fishery clauses of 67a

Water Lots in Harbours of Lakes Huron

and Superior 114

Watson, H. , Arrest of, by U.S. Soldiers... . 78

Watson, T. C, Statement of money paid... 141

Weightsand Measures 3

Wellington Bridge (Montreal) 115

Western Counties, Annapolis and Digby

Railway, Subsidy to 21/

Westhavers' Point'Lighthouse 27

West Indies, Reciprocal Trade with 67

Wharves.... 124, 1246

Wheat exported, Frauds on bonded 60

Wheat imported and exported 63

Wheat imported from U.S., Duty collected 616 Winnipeg, Grounds in, for Exhibition pur- poses 25q

Winnipeg, Lease of land at Fort Osborne

to City of 25<i

Winter communication with P.E.I 126a

Winter service between Murray Bay and

Riviere Ouelle : 45c

Wvandottes of Anderdon, Claim of,on Pajot

Farm 155

Yamaska River, Explorations on 121

4t Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884



No. 1...



Census of Canada, 1880-81, Vol. II.


Trade and Navigation :— Tables of, for the fiscal year ended 30th Juue, 1883.


Pculic Accounts:— For the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1883.

Estimates :— Of sums required for the service of the Dominion, for the vear ending 30th June, 1885.

Supplementary Estimates of sums required for the service of the Dominion, for the year ending 30ih June, 1884.

Supplementary Estimates of sums required for the service of the Dominion, for the year ending 30th June, 1885.

Further Supplementary Estimates of sums required for the 8ervice of the* Dominion, for the year ending 30th June, 1885.


Inland Revenue :— Report, Returns and Statistics of, for the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1883.

Supplement No. 1 :— Canal Statistics for the season of Navigation, 1883,

Supplement No. 2 :— Weights and Measures, 1883.

Supplement No. 3 : -Adulteration of Food, 1883. Indian Affairs :— Annual Report of the Department of, for the year ended 31st December, 1883.


Postmaster General :— Report of, for the year ended 30th June, 1883.

Auditor General : -Report of, on Appropriation Accounts, for the year ended 30th June, 1883.


Marine and Fishbbiks :— Report of the Department of, for the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1883.

Supplement No. 1 :— Report of the Chairman of the Board of Steamboat Inspection, Examination of Mates, &c, for the calendar year ended 31st December, 1883.

Supplement No. 2 :— Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries, for the year ended 31st December, 1883. 8

41 Victoria.

List of Sessional Tapers.

A. 1884

No. 8..,





12.., 13...



Militia :— Report on the state of, for the year 1883.

Public Works :— Annual Report of the Minister ofj for the fiscal year 1882-83.

Railways and Canals :— Annual Report of the Minister of, for the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1883.

RaiLWAv Statistics of Canada :— Capital, traffic and working expenditure of the railways of the Dominion, for the year ended 30th June, 1883.


Insurance :— Report of the Superintendent of, for 1882.

Fire and Inland Marine Insurance Companies : Abstract Statements of, for the year 1883.

Life and Accidental Insurance in Canada : Abstract of, for the year 1883.

Interior :-— Annual Report of the Department of, for the year 1883.

Secretary of State of Canada :— Report of, for the year ended 31st December, 1883.


Agriculture :— Report of the Minister of, for tbe calendar year 1883. Report on Historical Archives. Criminal Statistics for 1882. Mortuary Statistics, for the first six montb.3 of 1883.



15b. 16...

17... 18...



British Columbia :-


■Agreement made at Victoria, on 20th August, 1833, relative to various unsettled points between the Dominion Government and the Province, together with the contract for the construction of a railway on the Island of Vancouver, and accompanying papers.

Return (in part) to Order; Statement showing the names, etc., of all em- ployes in the various Departments of the Dominion in British Columbia. (Not printed.)

Supplementary Return to preceding. (Not printed.)

Penitentiaries in Canada : Report of the Minister of Justice on, for the year ended 30th June, 1883.

Library of Parliamen r :— Report of the Librarian. (Sessional Papers only.)

Unforeseen Expenses :— Statement ot payments charged to, by Orders in Council, from 1st July, 1883, to date, in accordance with the Act 46 Vic, chap. 2, schedule B. (Sessional Papers only.)

Superannuation : Statement of name, etc., of each person superannuated, etc., under the Act 46 Vic, chap. 8, sec. 15.

Return (in part) to Order; Statement showing separately, for each year since the establishment of the Superannuation Fund:— 1. The number of per- £ous on the list for the year as entitled to the benefit of the Act. 2. The number superannuated during the year under the Act. 3. The number retired during the year on a gratuity under the Act. 4. The totalamount paid into the fund from the beginning by those who were^ during the year, superannuated or retired on a gratuity ; distinguishing between those whose superannuation was caused by the abolition of office. 5. The number of pertons on the list, for the year, who died in the Service ; and 6. The total amount paid into the fund from the beginning by those who, during the vear, died in the Service.

47 Yictoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884

Jfo. ldb.










lapsed since preceding order. {Ses~




Superannuation :— Supplementary Return, covering time sional Papers only.)

Return to Order; Return of the total amount paid into the Superannuation Fund during the time of service by each of tho3e superannuated during the year ended 31st December, 1883. {Sessional Papers only.)

Governor General's Warrants :— Statement of, issued since the last Session of Parliament, in accordance with the Act 41 Vic, chap. 7, sec. 32, sub-sec. 2, on account of the fiscal years, 1882-83, and 1883-84. {Distribution only.)

Subsidies :— Return to Order; Return of moneys advanced to New Brunswick, on account of and in anticipation of the subsidy, since January 1st, 1882, etc. {Not printed. )

Return to Order ; Statement of all sums paid by Canada on account or in full of the subsidies voted to the several railway companies mentioned in chapter 25, Act 46 Vic. (1883).

Return to Address ; Copies of all correspondence, etc., respecting the grant or payment of any subsidies to railways, not already brought down, to date.

Return to Address ; Statement showing : 1. The names of all railway com- panies which have made application to the Government or Parliament of Canada for subsidies from 1867 up to this date ; 2. The names of the railway companies to which have been granted and paid subsidies by the Dominion Government, from 1867 to this date ; 3. The sums paid ta each of the said railway companies from 1867 to this date ; 4. The length of the said Railways ; 5. The names of the Province or Provinces traversed by the said railways ; 6. The original amount of the mortgage held by the Dominion on the properties of the Northern Rail- way Company of Canada ; 7. Copy of the Order in Council effecting the discharge of the said mortgage in favour of the said company, the date of the said discharge, and the amount of interest accrued on the said mortgage at the date of discharge ; and 8. The amounts paid by the Government of Canada, from 1867 to this date, for the extension of the Intercolonial Railway in the City of Halifax. {Not printed.)

Return to Address ; Copies of all correspondence, etc., not already brought down, in reference to subsidies or grants for Manitoba, the extension of its boundaries, the territory disputed between it and Ontario ; its school lands, public lands within the Province, and railway questions affecting the Province.

Return to Address; Copies of all correspondence, etc., respecting the con- struction or subsidizing of the proposed railway line between Graven- hurst and Callander. {Not printed.)

Papers respecting aid to Quebec and other Provinces and railway subsidies:, as follows : Memorandum respecting the claim of Quebec ; Montreal to St. John, Halifax and Sydney; Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Rail- way ; Pontiac Pacific Junction Railway ; Ottawa and Gatineau Valley Railway ; Napanee and Tamworth Railway ; Erie and Huron Railway ; Ontario and Pacific Railway ; Kingston and Pembroke Railway Com- pany ; Railway and .Bridge between Jacques Cartier Union Railway Junction and St. Martin's Junction ; St. Louis to Richibucto Railway ; Hopewell to Alma; St. Andrews to Lachute Railway; Grand Piles to Lac des lies Railway; Western Counties, Annapolis to Digby Railway ; Baie des Chaleurs, Caraquet to Shippigan ; Metapediac to Paspebiac ; Miramichi Valley Railway; Derby Station to Indian Town (1. C. R. Branch.) {Sessional Papers only.)

Copy of contract between Her Majesty the Queen, acting in respect of the Dominion of Canada, and therein represented by the Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, K.C.M.G., Minister of Railways and Canals,— and the Northern Pacific Junction Railway Company. {Not printed.)

Expenses^of Commissioners, etc. : —Return to Order; Return showing the expenses in detail incurred by the several members of the Government, and any other per- son sent to England or elsewhere, on behalf of the Government, from 16th December, 1880, to the present. {Not printed.)

Supplementary Return to preceding. {Not printed.)


4*7 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884

Employes in Military Districts :— Return to Order ; Return showing the name of each officer and employe in each Military District, with salary and date or appointment. (Not printed.)

Cost op Conveying Prisoners :— Return to Order ; Statement showing the cost per capita of conveying prisoners from county gaols to penitentiaries, in the years 1880-81 and 1881-82. (Not printed.)

Dominion Lands :— Return to Order; Return showing the total acres of public land sold during the year 1882, tbe number of parties to whom sold, the average price, and the total amount received from sales.

Return (in part) to Address ; 1. Copies of all correspondence, etc., with the Land Commissioner at Winnipeg, or other land agent, respecting the withdrawal of lands in the Mile belt from homestead and pre-emption, and respecting the opening of said lands for homestead and pre-emption. 2. All correspondence, etc., as to the claims of settlers and squatters on such lands. 3. All correspondence, etc., respecting the sale of such lands, etc. 4. All regulations respecting the claims made by Eettlers or squatters on such land. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Return giving copies of all regulations or orders issued concerning the sale or management of Agricultural Lands, Timber Lands, Pasture Lands, Mineral Lands and Town Sites, not covered by the Order of last Session. (No t printed. )

Return to Order ; Representation to the Government on the subject of the simplification of the system of transfer of lands of the North- West. (Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Copies of correspondence, if any, between the Mayor and Council of Winnipeg and the Government, in reference to a grant or lease of the land at Fort Osborne to the city for park purposes. (Not printed.)

Return to Address ; Copies of the Order in Council setting apart lands to be granted to the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company; also, all corres- pondence, etc., in reference to the fulfilment of the terms of said order, and the removal of settlers found on said lands, etc. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Return showing the total number of acres of public lands surveyed in Keewatin, Manitoba and the North- West Territories, previous to the year 1883, and the cost per acre of such survey. (Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Return showing the total number cf acres of public lands entered as homesteads and pre-emptions during the year 1883, with the number of such entries, etc. (Not printed.)

Return to Address (Senate) ; Return showing all Orders in Council, etc., since 1st January, 1882, with reference to the sale of, or the order for the sale of, Ordnance LanJs in Sorel Seigniory. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Return concerning the sales of Dominion Lands in Manitoba and the North- West Territories during 1882. (Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Return showing the total number of applications for land for colonization, under Plan No. 1 of the land regulations of December '23rd, 1881, where c >nditious have been complied with and applications agreed to, etc., up to January 1st, 1883. (Sessional Papers only)

Return to Order ; Return showing the total number of acres of public lands sold in the year 1883. the average price per acre, and the total amount received from such sales ; also, the number of applications under Coloni- zation Plans Nos. 1 and 2, under regulations of December 23rd, 1881, the number of acres granted under each application, etc. (Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Return showing the number of acres or square miles of timbered lands or timber limits sold by the Government since 1st March, 1883, in or convenient to the Bow River country, in the North- Wqst, giving tbe names of the parties sold to, and the prices paid, etc. (Not printed.)

Supplementary Return to No. 255. (Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Return giving copies of all regulations issued concerning the management or sale of Agricultural Lands, Mineral Lands, Timber Lands, Pasture Lands, and 'Town Sites, since December 23rd 188L (Not printed.)


47 Victoria,

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1884

25? .





K"o. 25o. Dominion Lands :— Return to Order; Return of all Report3 not hitherto published, relating to the character aud probable resources of the country through which the | Canadian Pacific Railway is being constructed, to the north of Lakes j Huron and Superior, embracing all information in possession of the j Government in respect to the whole of the region intervening, between the Great Lake3 and the southern coast of Hudson Bay. {Not printed.)

25/-., Return to Order: Copies of all- applications for, etc., and statement of

all sales or leases made of Coal Lnnds in the North-West, not covered by the Returns already ordered, and of the particulars of all conversions of leaseholds into freeholds of Coal Lands ; and the payments made under any leases, sales or conversions. (A ot printed.)

Return to Address ; Copies of all correspondence between the Provincial Agricultural and Industrial Society, also the Board of Agriculture of Manitoba, and the Government, on'thc subject of a grant of land in Winni- peg for Exhibition purposes. {Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Return showing the number of acres of Public Lands surveyed in Manitoba and the North-West Territory, in the year 1833, and the cost per acre of such survey, (Not printed.)

Supplementary Return to No. 25a. {Not printed.)

Return to Address ; Copies of all correspondence, etc.. with agents, as to the withdrawal from homestead and pre-emption of all lands south of the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway; also, the existing regulations in respect to the disposal of said lands. {Not printed.)