Lordís Day 39 Themes and Divisions




In the fifth commandment the LORD calls us to recognize lawful office bearers, especially the office of our parents


1.      The purpose of this parental office

2.      The submission to this parental office

3.      The promise with this parental office


W. Bredenhof


The fifth commandment teaches us to love our neighbours as ourselves


1.      Failure in the Old Testament

2.      Fulfillment in the New Testament


G. Van Popta


God governs us by way of our parents and others in authority over us


  1. The background
  2. The command
  3. The promise


Keith Davis


God calls his church to honour and obey all authority


Three aspects of Godís call to obedience:


  1. Its basis
  2. Its beginning
  3. Its blessing


B. Holwerda


The fifth commandment regulates authority in all of lifeís connections


  1. The basis of authority
  2. The origin of authority
  3. The character of authority


R. H. Bremmer


The beneficial message of the fifth commandment


  1. In relation to parents and children
  2. Governments and subjects
  3. About the limits of authority


K. Dijk


Jesus and the fifth commandment


1.      He obeyed it in our place

2.      He obeyed it as an example for us


C. Bouwman


In his care for his children, God gives them parents to show them the way of salvation


1.      The task of parents

2.      The promise to the parented

3.      The manner of parenting


Authority is Godís gift in caring for his people


1.      The origin of authority

2.      The style of authority

3.      The response to authority


Obedience to authorities is obedience to God


1.      The reason for obedience

2.      The manner of obedience

3.      The limit of obedience